Owner & Stylist

I love my job and all the wonderful people that I get to spend my days with - being creative and productive - as a stylist my favorite thing to hear from a client is "wow, you really listened and I love my hair!" As the owner of Studio 41 it's incredibly gratifying to hear clients remarking on how comfortable they feel at our salon - that we have such a nice vibe in here - we all work at this daily and I'm so happy shows!

Angel Amore
Salon Manager

Keeps things running smooth and friendly.

Kelly Altemier

I love it when a clients shoulders go back, chin lifts up, and with a great big smile I get a "THANK YOU, I feel beautiful!!!" To me, that is magic and fulfillment, and I am grateful for the encouragement and continued education I get from Studio 41 Salon.

Tonya Iannone

I am an Italian woman, with a passion for life, a passion for beauty, a passion for people. I want to help you express who you are in the best possible way, and help bring out the most beautiful look for you. I am loving the Florida sunshine and Studio 41 Salon!

Maria Ferguson

Making someone smile because of my creativity never gets old. This industry was my little girl dream, and I'm still loving it 30 years later. I get to do what I love working next to people I adore in a beautiful salon. It doesn't get better than that.

Susie Beaudet

I have always wanted to have a career that I could wake up each day and get excited about, and I do that Studio 41 Salon! I love the fact that I can empower someone to feel better , stronger and more confident about themselves both personally and professionally.

Tish Fasiska

I am well seasoned, born in Cuba and grew up in the Washington DC area. I love working with Studio 41 Salon, they keep me inspired! Attending educational classes, keeps me up with trends and techniques to deliver the hair you love!

Judy Gales

I was born into a family of hair dressers, therefore, surrounded by great influences. Keeping up with the current trends and adding a little flair, I'll leave you falling in love with your new hair. At Studio 41 Salon, we are dedicated to making you happy!

Dolly Garrity

I am very passionate, driven and 100% focused on want you want and need. I seem to attack everything I do with passion, whether its cleaning my home, decorating or shopping. The people who sit in my chair at Studio 41 Salon are my biggest passion of all.

Christina Williams

As a designer staying fresh and challenged will mean I always have a “trick up my sleeve”. I want guests to feel it is not just about the time we spend together it is the four weeks they are away that matters to me. I believe if you build your life around hope, love, and good people, as I have a Studio 41 Salon, positive things will come your way.


After working in fields to utilize my degree in chemistry, I became interested in skin conditions and aging. Becoming an Esthetician was a pivotal moment in my career. Providing skin care services at Studio 41 Salon has brought me fulfillment and has challenged my need to use my chemistry degree.


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